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A Fresh, Action-Packed Turn for Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot, recognized globally for her portrayal as Wonder Woman, has taken on a new, gritty avatar in Netflix’s upcoming spy thriller, “Heart of Stone”. Unlike her poised superheroine role, Gadot’s character, Rachel Stone, faces a rough terrain — complete with injuries, bruises, and emotional battles.

The Role’s Raw Appeal

“She is raw and gritty,” Gadot remarked about her character. As Rachel Stone, Gadot embraces the authenticity and vulnerability of a woman in stressful situations. The character development is such that Rachel’s looks are often rugged, with makeup artists enhancing the redness and grayness on her face.

A Deep Dive into “Heart of Stone”

The plot pivots around Rachel Stone, an operative for a covert international organization named The Charter. The twist comes when a young hacker, played by Alia Bhatt, plans to hijack The Charter’s groundbreaking artificial intelligence technology.

In the backdrop of this enthralling storyline, Gadot, alongside her spouse Jaron Varsano, played a significant role behind the scenes, producing and co-developing the original concept.

Gadot’s Passion for the Superspy Genre

When questioned about her enthusiasm for spy roles, Gal Gadot recollected her love for classics like Bond, “Mission: Impossible”, and “Die Hard”. Her zeal for such movies, combined with the success of Wonder Woman, encouraged her to conceptualize and manifest a character tailored for her.

Gadot’s Stunt Stories and the AI Angle

Despite being an action-packed movie, Gadot admitted she didn’t perform the most extreme stunts, like jumping out of planes. However, her favorite part remains the hand-to-hand combats, given her extensive dance background. A significant theme, artificial intelligence, is not only the crux of the movie but has also emerged as a hot topic in real-world conversations.

What’s Next for Gadot?

The future seems bright and bustling for Gal Gadot. Not only is she expected to star as the Evil Queen in Disney’s “Snow White”, but there’s also a buzz around the third installment of “Wonder Woman”.

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A Glimpse of “Heart of Stone” and Netflix’s Promising Lineup

Schwarzenegger and Gadot’s Electric Netflix Promo

Netflix, not one to miss an opportunity for engaging marketing, released a vibrant promo featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gal Gadot. With Schwarzenegger playing Netflix’s Chief Action Officer, the promo subtly hints at the continuous action-packed titles Netflix plans to release.

What Can Audiences Anticipate from Netflix?

“Heart of Stone” stands tall among a series of anticipated releases. Titles like “Who is Erin Carter”, “Lupin Part 3”, “Rebel Moon”, and the Kevin Hart-centric comedy, “Lift” (releasing in 2024), make it evident that Netflix intends to keep the adrenaline running high for its viewers.

“Heart of Stone” — An Overview

Gal Gadot returns to the action spectrum in “Heart of Stone”, portraying an international spy with a mission of monumental importance. With a stellar cast and a plot intertwined with suspense and drama, “Heart of Stone” is set to premiere on Netflix on August 11.

In conclusion, with “Heart of Stone”, Gal Gadot once again demonstrates her versatility and dedication as an actor, promising audiences a roller-coaster of emotions, action, and intrigue. As Netflix continues its streak of delivering engaging content, viewers have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.


What is ‘Heart of Stone’ about?’Heart of Stone’ revolves around Rachel Stone, a skilled operative for an international peacekeeping organization named The Charter. As an undercover MI6 tech expert, her life takes a drastic turn when a hacker tries to steal the organization’s potent AI technology.Who stars alongside Gal Gadot in the movie?amie Dornan, Archie Madekwe, Alia Bhatt, Jing Lusi, Sophie Okonedo, Paul Ready, Jon Kortajarena, and Matthias Schweighöfer share the screen with Gal Gadot.Does the movie hint at a potential sequel or franchise?While it’s not explicitly stated, the setup and development suggest that it could be the beginning of a new franchise starring Gal Gadot.How did Gal Gadot prepare for her role as Rachel Stone?Gal wanted her character to look raw and gritty. There were days when she had minimal makeup, and the crew added extra shades to make her appear more worn out.What’s the connection with Artificial Intelligence in the movie?AI technology is a significant plot point in “Heart of Stone.” The narrative takes a thrilling turn when a young hacker tries to steal The Charter’s powerful AI tech.Has Gal Gadot produced the movie?Yes, Gal Gadot not only stars in the film but also played a role in producing and developing its original concept with her husband, Jaron Varsano.When is the movie available for streaming?”Heart of Stone” was released on Netflix on August 11.Is this Gal Gadot’s first action movie?No, Gal Gadot is renowned for her action roles, most notably as Wonder Woman. She has also starred in action-packed films such as “Fast Five” and “Red Notice”.What do critics say about ‘Heart of Stone’?As of now, reviews are varied. While many praise Gadot’s raw performance, others are eagerly waiting for potential sequels to make final judgments on the franchise’s direction.Will there be any tie-ins with her other movies or roles?As of now, there’s no indication that “Heart of Stone” will tie in with any of Gadot’s other films or roles.

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