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3 min readAug 10, 2023

Hailey Bieber’s Bold Instagram Update Amidst Pregnancy Buzz

After a brief four-day hiatus from social media, Hailey Bieber returns with pictures that have left fans buzzing more than ever about the ongoing pregnancy speculations with superstar husband, Justin Bieber.

Sizzling Return to Instagram

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Making her much-anticipated return, Hailey uploaded a striking picture on her Instagram story where she proudly displays her toned abs, giving fans more to speculate about. With pregnancy rumors in full swing, was this Hailey’s way of subtly setting the record straight?

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Bold Fashion Choices

Hailey wasn’t done there. Her Instagram stories showcased her in a bold black ensemble, which included a bra and thong attached to stocking straps. To top off her captivating return, she was later seen posing alongside top models such as Naomi Campell and Gisele Bundchen, all under the iconic Victoria’s Secret logo.

A Dive into the Pregnancy Rumors Surrounding Hailey Bieber

Previous Hints or Misinterpretations?

Hailey has found herself at the center of pregnancy speculations multiple times in recent weeks. A particular “Get Ready With Me” video on her Instagram caught the eyes of many fans. In the video, she seemed to be struggling while trying to zip her dress, leading many to ponder — is she expecting?

Another intriguing incident that fueled rumors was when Hailey was seen cradling her stomach during a night out in July. More recently, a fan-snapped picture from Drake’s concert showcased the couple backstage, with Hailey’s hand gracefully poised over her abdomen. Fans were quick to jump to conclusions, with one commenting, “Is she preggers?”

Hailey and Justin: A Timeline of Love

As the couple nears their fifth wedding anniversary, their fans are on their toes, eagerly waiting for any hint or confirmation of their transition into parenthood.

What’s Next for the Bieber Duo?

While Hailey’s most recent Instagram posts might have been a move to squash the growing rumors, the truth remains to be seen. What’s certain is that fans remain ever-observant and eager for any updates from their favorite power couple.


What sparked the pregnancy rumors for Hailey Bieber?Hailey Bieber’s recent Instagram videos and photos, where she seemed to struggle zipping her dress and was seen cradling her stomach, ignited the speculations among fans about her possibly being pregnant.When did Hailey Bieber return to Instagram after her short break?Hailey made her return to Instagram after a four-day hiatus, where she shared a series of photos showcasing her toned abs and posing with top models.How did Hailey’s recent Instagram posts address the pregnancy rumors?While Hailey hasn’t directly addressed the rumors, her recent posts where she’s seen flaunting her toned physique might be a subtle response to the ongoing speculations.When did Hailey and Justin Bieber get married?Hailey and Justin Bieber got married in 2018. They later held an intimate traditional wedding ceremony in 2019 for close family and friends.Have Justin or Hailey Bieber officially confirmed the pregnancy rumors?As of now, neither Justin nor Hailey Bieber have publicly confirmed or denied the pregnancy rumors.

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