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Harry Styles Confirms Relationship with Actress Taylor Russell

2 min readAug 10, 2023

Harry Styles, globally renowned for his soulful melodies, has recently confirmed his budding romance with actress Taylor Russell. London, which has seen countless love stories, became the backdrop to yet another passionate tale on a recent Wednesday evening.

A Secret Night at the National Theatre

Harry, aged 29, chose to keep it discreet as he attended the press night of Taylor’s play “The Effect” at the National Theatre. But as the night wore on, their interactions at the post-show party gave away more than they might’ve intended.

Unspoken Words and Affectionate Gestures

Pictures from the evening painted a vivid story. Taylor, 28, the star of “Bones And All”, was seen placing a tender hand on Harry’s shoulder, both unable to keep their gaze from one another. The night saw Harry being utterly captivated, leaning in to share whispered words with the actress.

A Friendly Introduction to James Corden

But the evening wasn’t just about their budding relationship. Harry took moments to introduce his new flame to close friend, James Corden, and his wife Julia Carey, who were among the guests that evening.

The Night’s Highlights: Moments Captured

Glimpses from “The Effect” Evening

The scene at the National Theatre was one for the books. Harry Styles supporting his rumored girlfriend, Taylor Russell, showed how intertwined their worlds have become. Their body language and gestures — from Harry wrapping an arm around Taylor to their shared laughter — said it all.

An Insider’s Take on The Evening

Sources present at the theatre gave their insights, noting Harry’s low profile during the play, ensuring all spotlight remained on Taylor. Another onlooker mentioned, “It looked like they were holding hands.”

A highlight was when Styles was seen leading Russell to meet James Corden and his wife. “Harry stayed by Taylor’s side the whole time. He introduced her to James and was whispering to her, all the while sharing laughter and smiles,” the source added.

What’s Next for the Duo?

With such a promising start, fans and admirers eagerly await more from this new couple. As the romance between the singer and the actress blooms, London, with its history and charm, becomes the perfect witness to their unfolding love story.

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