Paramore’s North American Tour Halted: Hayley Williams’ Health Update

3 min readAug 10, 2023

Paramore Halts North American Tour Amidst Hayley Williams’ Health Concerns

The music community was left in shock when the popular band Paramore abruptly canceled the final legs of their North American “This Is Why” tour. The reason? Frontwoman Hayley Williams is battling a serious lung infection.

An Unexpected Twist on the “This Is Why” Tour

— paramore (@paramore) August 10, 2023

After a performance in Seattle on Aug. 9, Hayley Williams took to social media to share the unfortunate news. The upcoming concerts in Portland (Aug. 10) and Salt Lake City (Aug. 13) had to be called off. Earlier in July, the band had also postponed a few other performances, including shows in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.

Hayley’s heartfelt statement on Paramore’s official social channels read: “After my lung infection forced us to postpone four shows, I was hoping a week off of performing and a strict medicine routine would allow my body to heal enough to finish off this tour strong.”

Williams’ Health: A Priority Above All

Hayley continued, “After struggling through the last few shows and consulting with my doctor, we’re unfortunately realizing that it’s past the point of wanting to push through to put on a good show for all of you.” The risk of “long-term damage” to her health was evident, and the commitment to her well-being became paramount.

She expressed her profound gratitude and regret in her message, acknowledging fans who might have made significant travel changes to catch the band live. “I physically cannot go on. I know this isn’t great news for anyone. Thank you so much for your continued support.”

Fans to Receive Full Refunds

For those disappointed by the cancellations, there’s some consolation. Refunds for the canceled dates will be readily available at the points of purchase.

What Comes Next for Paramore?

Post their Seattle gig, Williams provided a more personal touch on her Instagram stories, sharing her health struggles candidly. “My lungs are just not healing quickly enough to keep up,” she confessed, hinting at the severity of the situation.

The “This Is Why” tour isn’t over for good, though. The band plans to hit the road once more with a series of international concerts later this fall.

A Message from the Frontwoman Herself

Hayley’s earlier posts on Instagram already pointed towards the challenges she was facing on tour, noting how “touring is different at 34 than it was at 16.” Responding to online critics, she bravely confronted any negativity with her own blend of honesty and wit.

The Future for Paramore

If all goes well, New York City fans can look forward to seeing Paramore this fall. The band is expected to make an appearance at The New Yorker Festival on Oct. 6, where they’ll team up with Amanda Petrusich for an exciting evening at Webster Hall.

In Conclusion

The health and well-being of artists should always be a priority. We wish Hayley Williams a speedy recovery and hope to see Paramore back on stage soon, enchanting fans worldwide.

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