Rihanna’s Breastfeeding Moment: The Savage X Fenty Revolution

2 min readAug 10, 2023

Rihanna’s Empowering Breastfeeding Journey & Take on Motherhood

Rihanna, the iconic artist and beauty mogul, is taking a fresh, empowering approach to motherhood. Her recent Savage X Fenty photoshoot doesn’t just showcase fashion — it breaks the traditional norms associated with maternity and embraces the candid moments of motherhood.

The Breastfeeding Revolution in Savage X Fenty’s Photoshoot

Rihanna’s recent posts on the Savage X Fenty Instagram are more than just pictures — they are powerful statements. Among these is a heartfelt photo of Rihanna breastfeeding her 15-month-old son, RZA, in a black Savage X Fenty maternity bra. The image, captioned “Not ur mama’s maternity bras… designed by @badgalriri, approved by baby RZA 🫶🏾 #SavageXMaternity”, has become a symbol of modern motherhood, moving away from hushed tones and into the limelight.

Celebrating Motherhood: From Candid Shots to Public Outings

With her firstborn RZA in her lap and her evident pregnancy glow, Rihanna, draped in the brand’s lingerie, defines maternal beauty. Her long, straight hair and the glow on her face speaks volumes about her journey as a mother.

Rihanna’s life beyond the lens is equally heartwarming. A shared moment with A$AP Rocky, her partner, portrays the joy of family. Labelled her “Bajan boyz”, the image freezes a playful moment with A$AP lifting young RZA against the backdrop of a serene water body.

Life’s Beautiful Milestones with Family

For Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, life’s joyous moments revolve around their son. RZA, the tiny charmer, took center stage during Easter. Donned in pastel bunny ears and in the midst of an Easter egg hunt, he sprinkled magic to their celebration.

Conclusion: Rihanna’s Reshaping Maternity Norms

Breastfeeding is natural, beautiful, and an integral part of motherhood. Rihanna’s candid portrayal, especially her breastfeeding moments, not only promotes her brand but also champions the essence of motherhood. In an era obsessed with perfection, her unfiltered take stands out, offering an empowering narrative for mothers worldwide.

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